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Oil Fired Boiler Service

Maintain high efficiency while prolonging the life of your boiler by booking a boiler service today

It couldn't be easier to get your boiler serviced by our registered engineer, just complete the form here and we will be in touch shortly to conform a date with you or just ring us direct on 0861672661.


We are certified, insured and OFTEC regsitered.  We carry out our service in accordance with OFTEC and Sustainable Energy Ireland guidelines.  We use the latest technology to provide you with an analysis on your boilers efficiency and emissions.  


Just like your car, your oil boiler and central heating system needs a regular service to ensure it is running as it should.  The primary reasons for this are to ensure efficiency, safety and reliability.  The efficiency of boilers deteriorates with use. There are several reasons for this, the key ones being:


- Soot production from the combustion process coats the heat exchanger surfaces

- The critical air-to-fuel combustion ratio changes due to gradual component wear


As the price of home heating oil is expensive, it makes financial sense to have your boiler serviced annually.  In fact, Sustainable Energy Ireland report that you could improve your overall boiler efficiency by 10% by ensuring that it is services regularly, saving your hard earned money.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips


  • Ensure your appliances are correctly installed and SERVICED ANNUALLY

  • Ensure that rooms in your home containing heating appliances are properly ventilated - NEVER BLOCK VENTS

  • Make sure all chimneys are regularly swept and kept clear

  • Use appliances only for the PURPOSE for which they were designed, e.g. do not use a cooker to heat a room

  • NEVER use any appliance if you suspect it might be faulty

  • Use Carbon Monoxide alarms but remember these are no substitute for regular inspection and maintenance of appliances, vents, flues and chimneys. Check that the Carbon Monoxide alarm complies with the EN 50291 standard.


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